TrustBills Cookie Policy

TrustBills automatically collects personal data with the help of cookies. This possibly requires your approval by applicable law. The revocation of your consent is possible at any time. Cookies are small text files that create protocols about your surfing behavior and are being installed on your computer or mobile device while visiting websites. This means, that you can be recognized and therefore, for example, you do not need to log in again.

There is a large number of various cookies which serve different purposes. The cookies used by us are functional cookies and analytical cookies. Cookies allow us to make the usage of our website and platform comfortable for you. We evaluate this usage to optimize our website particularly in technical terms.

Please refer to the following chart to see which cookies we use and for which purpose:

cookieTrustBillsWebLanguageLanguage selectionTrustBills Marketplace GmbH3 months
SESSIONLogin recognitionTrustBills Marketplace GmbHClosing of the browser
70AA1FF3AF26C705A61FDA0D34BB91F1TrustKeys recognitionTrustBills Marketplace GmbH1 day
cookieconsent_statusDisplay of the cookie noteTrustBills Marketplace GmbH365 days
c_pk_ref, _pk_cvar, _pk_id, _pk_ses, _pk_hsr, piwik_ignoreWeb analysisTrustBills Marketplace GmbH18 months

TrustBills uses the web analysis tool Piwik. Piwik uses cookies saved on your computer, which enable us to do an internal analysis about the usage of the website. The information provided by the cookies is transferred and stored on our own server. The data will not be transferred to third parties.

You can disagree to the usage of all above named cookies - except the opt-out cookie (cookieconsent_status) - at any time by clicking "disagree" at the end of this page.

Furthermore, most browsers offer a do-not-track setting, which prevents the automatic saving of cookies on your computer. This default can usually be made in your browsers setting menu. You may not be able to make full use of this website, if you block the installation of cookies in your browser settings.

If you continue visiting our website, you agree to the usage of our cookies. Cookies already implemented on your computer can be deleted at any time.

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