Supply chain finance (SCF)

Invite suppliers and improve your key financial figures

Longer payment terms increase your “days payable outstanding” (DPO)

SCF reduces working capital requirements, while freed-up capital increases financial flexibility

Invite your suppliers to auction the financial claims against you. Automated processes minimise administrative effort. There are no framework agreements. This makes it easy to set up a scalable SCF programme.

Five advantages of SCF with TrustBills

Standard SCF

Debtor uploads and confirms receivables

Debtors have to choose between static and dynamic SCF

KYC (know your customer) screening of a large number of suppliers is difficult to manage

Purchase of receivables requires debtor credit lines

Where different debtors are involved, suppliers are faced with different SCF applications

Suppliers upload receivables, optionally debtors can verify them via TrustBills

TrustBills enables the variable use of Early Payment and the sale of receivables

All participants have gone through the KYC process at the partner bank

Large investor base, not limited to banks, thus independent of credit lines

One comprehensive application

The process



Within 10 days


Supplier invitation

Create invitation codes via TrustBills and send them to suppliers


Supplier sign-up

Sign-up of suppliers


Upload of receivables

Suppliers upload their receivables


Optional: IPU

Optionally, an irrevocable payment undertaking (IPU) can be issued



Purchase of receivables by investors

Coming soon: Early Payments

New feature for even more flexibility

With Early Payments, suppliers can optionally offer their open trade receivables to their debtors for early payout, who then obtain individual cash discounts. If no Early Payment is agreed, the supplier can offer their trade receivables to a large investor base. Thus they are independent from the debtor’s liquidity or their willingness to make an early payment.

By using their liquidity with Early Payments, debtors gain (additional) cash discounts on their liabilities. In times without excess liquidity, other investors, i. e. institutional investors, can support suppliers by providing financial backings.

External financing by means of auction or Early Payment by the debtor? Suppliers and debtors can individually decide for each invoice, which better suits their company’s current situation.

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