Trade receivables as an asset

Four excellent reasons for investing in trade receivables

Attractive returns

Very low volatility

Hardly any correlation

Natural self-liquidation

Trade receivables represent a 15 trillion euro market - and a profitable business for banks and factoring companies. For institutional investors, however, there has so far been no way around expensive and cumbersome securitisations. TrustBills solves this problem digitally. Thanks to automation you can buy trade receivables, even for large funds, with just a few mouse clicks. Here you have - for the very first time - direct access to a new asset class.

Who can invest?

How are the returns from trade receivables calculated?

Determine the annualised minimum return from discount and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)



Discount (all-in-one factoring margin)*:


*The discount is determined by the auction





Your minimum annualised return with DSO and discount excluding fees is:


The process



Within 10 days



Identify suitable receivables using risk indices and auction parameters


Bid for receivables

Buy according to risk appetite


Receive returns

Take returns, once the receivable is paid by the debtor

Quantity management through automation

Automation allows the purchase of small trade receivables even in very large institutional funds with just a few clicks

Automatic bidding


Automatic processing

Automatic payment
Automatic safekeeping of assignment contracts

Automatic reporting

Automated reminder of late payment
Position and risk management

Risk assessment on TrustBills

Upload of own risk parameters

Creditworthiness indicators and default probabilities from well-known rating agencies, credit agencies and credit insurances

Payment history data recorded by TrustBills for each supplier-debtor relationship

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